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Clean, 100% Australian Hardwood Pellets

Where quality meets eco-friendly

MushGrow Pellets

The                          Mission

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We believe in ethical and smart wood pellets. All of our products are carefully manufactured to ensure they align with our core values.


Low Waste


Waste Reducing

Local material

MushGrow Hardwood Pellets are the ideal substrate for growing mushrooms due to their high-quality composition, sustainability, consistency, and affordability. Unlike regular soil, these pellets are a renewable resource that is free from contaminants and harmful pathogens, providing an ideal environment for mushroom growth.

Additionally, the pellets are easy to handle, store and offer a consistent texture and moisture content, making them easier to work with. Compared to other brands of wood pellets, MushGrow Hardwood Pellets offer a higher yield per bag, making them a cost-effective option for mushroom growers of all scales.

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